Skywalk Poison 3

Özel Skywalk Poison 3
Öğeyi Oyla
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The "flyable performance" - that's what important with high performance gliders. The EN-D certified POISON3 is easy to launch, thanks to its low weight. Responsible for this low weight are the aluminum material AEROFABRIX [AL]32, the rigid foil elements and the 3-line technology with race lines, and individual line attachment points. The risers are based on a new concept designed to support performance-oriented flying.
The speed bar sets the wing geometry just right when pressed and you can feel the increasing stability as you speed up. In extreme situations, its behaviors is quite manageable for a glider in this category. The reactions of the POISON3 are controllable - the pilot remains the pilot and doesn't become the passenger. At the same time, you feel its high performance qualities due to its high aspect ratio and dynamic handling.